Stimulus should spur work, not idleness

Dear Editor,

By now, the U.S. Senate will have already voted on the stimulus bill.

The current stimulus bill in its trimmed down version still contains unnecessary spending for special interest. Supposedly this bill has been trimmed from $930 billion down to $780 billion.

We are now being informed that in this bill's present form, it consists of 58 percent spending and 42 percent tax cuts.

Not counted in this estimate are several popular tax breaks - including measures to encourage auto and homes sales - that were approved last week on the Senate floor and are expected to be incorporated into the legislation.

This could push the final cost of the Senate plan closer to $820 billion.

This bill is being touted as a "non-partisan" bill when in fact only three Republican Senators have agreed to sign on to this bill after some compromises. These senators are Susan Collins and Olympia Snowe, who both represent Maine and Arlen Specter, who represents Pennsylvania.
The Senate majority leader Harry Reid (D-Nevada) stated he had to compromise to win the handful of Republicans he needed for the bill.

Democrats control the chamber with a 58-41 majority, but they need Republican support to achieve the 60 votes that ensure passage of any measure.

With the current economic headwinds - not only in our economy but worldwide - there is no question a stimulus is needed.

What we are experiencing in this recession is unlike any other in terms of companies just don't have the visibility to see their respective businesses rebounding.

Consequently companies have made the decision to idle capacity and lay off their employees, not having the assurance where the bottom is.

When we review historically our economy, we have never resolved a problem by throwing money at it and we have never solved a problem by creating incentives for people not to work.

Our constitution provides us with the guarantee that we all have the opportunity to achieve our goals and dreams just as President Obama has. Some have faced more challenges than others, but we all knew if we work hard, apply ourselves, and obey the laws of the land we all will succeed.

This is the basic premise of the American Dream!

Ben Kinlaw
Barnwell County
Republican Party