Diplomacy of music

Thanks Amie, Lawrence, Dorothy, Arielle, Ricky and Rob.

Thanks for being goliards, and good ones at that.

For those that didn't attend the Goliard Ensemble performance Feb. 27, they missed a good display of chamber music from the above named musicians, whose talents poured forth and through song, violin, cello, piano, saxophone and the arrangement of these elements.

"Goliards" in medieval Europe were traveling minstrels who wandered from town to town, composing verse and music, often bawdy in nature.

However, the musicians of the Goliard Ensemble were good musical ambassadors of the Goliard Concerts, a New York City-based organization that bands troupes of high quality musicians together for concerts and, more importantly, to tour places that might not otherwise attract musicians of such serious caliber. All the Goliard Ensemble that came to Barnwell have either graduated from some of the nation's most prestigious musical institutions or played in hallowed musical venues like the Kennedy or Lincoln Centers.

The Barnwell group also were good-natured ambassadors whose love and passion for their craft made them a delight offstage as well. No stuffy, high-browedness here.

The other ambassadors during this event were the Barnwell County residents who lodged and fed the musicians during their stay. Thank you for putting the county's best face forward.

Thanks too for the Barnwell Arts Council, the Winton Assembly, the Hartzog Foundation and the Diana Morris Boulware Memorial Foundation for the Arts for arranging and underwriting the ensemble's appearance.

"Quality of life" in an area is not just about getting good, high-paying jobs to a locale; it's also about developing the cultural environment of a place too. The ensemble's appearance was the start of the Barnwell County Arts Council's membership drive to gain further support in raising that quality of life. It's an effort worthy of such support by Barnwell County residents.

The Goliard Concerts also send their musicians into the local schools to open wider the world of music firsthand to children whose only view of music might be whatever VH1 or MTV is showing.

Unfortunately, schedules kept the Goliard Ensemble from getting into the Barnwell County schools.

Well, the ensemble will have to come back to complete their mission - they will be heartily welcomed.