Creech, Buckmon right to support pay raises

Dear Editor,

I commend Jerry Creech for standing up for the employees of Barnwell County to get a pay increase. I realize that he misspoke concerning the funds that the Clerk of Court gets from the federal government (not the state) which cannot be used for pay increases.

It would be nice for the County Council to quit following Keith Sloan’s direction.

The following are things that Keith has pushed which has put the county where it is today:

1) Selling the hospital.

2) He said the county could not afford to run the EMS service. How can Allendale and Hampton counties have their own EMS service with county employees with benefits?

3) He stopped the county’s opportunity to pass the hospitality tax. He told the City of Barnwell that they could go after that 3 percent, which they did. They are now using it in their general fund.

4) Keith has talked the council into getting a $150 stipend every month. This is tax free. Expense reports are still being paid on top of this.

5) Keith is pushing a 1 percent sales tax. He has forgotten that his oath is to Barnwell County as a whole, not just the towns/city.

Bottom line: Jerry Creech and Harold Buckmon are on the right road. All the employees of Barnwell County need a pay increase. The council should realize the county needs emergency health care today and that is the only thing I will vote for on a referendum. Do not put anything else on it. As far as the towns/city go, let them raise their own taxes for their individual needs. I pay taxes in the three large towns/city. I get no help in the county for my sewage and water needs. I can’t get dirt roads scraped when needed.

Jim Kearse,