Clinton is ‘a disgrace and embarrrassment’

Dear Editor,

I am not one that usually speaks out but I would like to respond to Ms. Mary Ann Kolb’s letter last week to the editor.

As to the statement you made that Barack Obama was a good man – the kind of husband and father you would hope your sons would grow up to be and someone your daughter would marry – I have totally disagree with you on this issue. He has lied and embarrassed this country to no end. This country is in the worst shape it has ever been in, no thanks to him. Just look at the stats – they prove it.

In my opinion, he is the worst president this county has ever encountered. He even has Jimmy Carter beat. If anyone should be “unfit” to be President of the United States, it is Barack Obama.

Any president that sends money to a terrorist county, and then lies about it, should be in jail. He has made it his commitment to divide this county and is doing a good job stirring that pot. He enjoys playing the race card. He has made uncalled comments like “Travon could’ve been my son” along with so many other comments that he should not have said.

I am not racist and have never been. In fact, if Ben Carson had won the candidacy, I would have voted for him without a question of a doubt.

As to Donald Trump, he may not be perfect but he does love this country and wants the best for the people of the United States of America. We wouldn’t make deals with terrorists like Obama has and I’m sure Hillary would do if she thought it would benefit her financially. I agree with what Pence said - “He is a candidate with flaws.” Well, who of us does not have flaws – none of us are perfect.

As far as Melania Trump is concerned, I personally think she is a good person and I really think you need to study the facts better before you start slamming someone’s reputation in the dirt.

As I got to close, regarding Hillary Clinton – I have no admiration for her at all. Someone that lies to the FBI about forwarding classified information is unworthy of even running for President. She put this great country at risk with her stupidity. You would certainly think anyone running for a political office, especially for President of the United States, would know not to do such an irresponsible act. She should be stripped of ever running for a political office again.

As Secretary of State, she allowed four Americans to be killed in Benghazi while they begged for help while she looked the other way with no remorse whatsoever. She plans on taxing the middle class even more than we already are. She is in this for Hillary and only Hillary.

She is a total disgrace and embarrassment to this country.

Ann Kearse,