Rosie Price ‘radiated love and compassion’

Rosie Price was the epitome of selflessness and charity.

Sadly, my friend lost her battle to cancer on Labor Day. While I will miss her, I know she was a Christian and take comfort knowing she is in Heaven where there is no more suffering.

It didn’t matter what she was going through personally or how she was feeling because she always put others first. Her humility and genuineness were apparent through her sweet, gentle spirit. She never met a stranger and always had a kind word.

Even as the cancer and treatments took its toll on her body, she never lost the attributes and qualities that made her who she was.

I witnessed this firsthand a couple weeks ago when I visited her. Though she was in pain and confined to a hospital bed in her bedroom at home, Mrs. Rosie still radiated with the same love and compassion she always had. She still had that smile that would brighten anyone’s day.

I went there to brighten her day, but she ended up encouraging me. That’s just the type of person she was. She always made the people around her better, whether offering a kind word, praying for you or just emitting positivity.

Mrs. Rosie truly had a heart of gold.

She also had the voice of an angel.

If you didn’t know Mrs. Rosie, you missed out on the most beautiful singing voice. I have many memories of her singing on Sunday mornings in the praise team at church.

Now she is singing praises directly before God. I imagine she’s also dancing because she is free of pain and is face-to-face with her Heavenly Father.

I remember several Sundays where she would get the other praise team singers to join in on a little jig during a musical interlude of a song that has an Irish flair. It brought a smile to my face and I’m sure it did the same to others as well.

She was also a talented pianist at church and on youth choir tours. Shortly before she died, I ran across a photo taken 10 years ago of me with Mrs. Rosie on the charter bus for that summer’s choir tour.

You see, Mrs. Rosie was more than just a pianist and another chaperone for myself and the other teenagers back then. She was also a mentor to folks young and old. That’s evidenced in Facebook posts of other former youth choir members as well as other friends after learning of Mrs. Rosie’s death.

She also loved nature, especially the Edisto River. She and her husband, Larry, spent countless hours over their nearly 39 years of marriage exploring the natural beauty of the river.

Mr. Larry has photographed so much of the river, including the plants and wildlife that call it home. Mrs. Rosie accompanied her husband on many of those trips and would often carry some of the camera equipment. She also jotted down notes about their trips and what they saw.

Just last year, the couple completed a long-time dream of publishing a book of their river experiences. “Edisto River: Black Water Crown Jewel” showcases hundreds of Larry’s stunning photographs along with a narrative that was partially adapted from Mrs. Rosie’s notes.

A copy of this one-of-a-kind book sits on my coffee table and is a colorful and beautiful reminder of my friend, who was also one of a kind.

Please keep her family in your thoughts and prayers.