Storm responders worked ‘extremely hard’

Dear Editor,

I would like to thank those who responded to Tropical Storm Hermine to keep our community safe.

The sheriff’s department, dispatchers, fire, EMS, local police and fire departments, public works, SCDOT, SCE&G, Edisto Electric, and many others worked extremely hard to protect our citizens. Without the cooperation of all of these entities, our county would not have been able to recover as quickly as we have.

We had multiple trees blocking roadways, roads with water crossing them, and some roads washed out completely. I observed police chiefs as well as the sheriff blocking roads while waiting on DOT to place barricades, and fire chiefs wading in water to unstop drains in the roads.

No one person made our response successful, it was a group effort and for that I am so thankful. No emergency plan is ever executed perfectly, however, our county’s first responders came as close to perfection as possible during this event.

I would also like to thank those who work at The People-Sentinel and especially Laura McKenzie. She was in constant communication with me to get out emergency updates to the community. Their staff and I have worked well together through the years and they have never turned down a request to get an emergency message out on their social media.

Actions like these are what make Barnwell County a great place to live and work. Actions like these are what make my job so much easier. When the people of Barnwell see these first responders on the streets, please thank them for what they do because many times we fail to appreciate the sacrifices they make.


Roger Riley, Director

Barnwell County

Emergency Management