I’m unplugged and am having an iAttack

I always knew I liked having cellular connectivity.

First it started with a “bag phone” in the car, just to date me. That very first phone is still the number I have today. The cell phone companies back then issued local land line numbers instead of the 300-type numbers assigned now.

That is also the reason why I get sales calls despite a registration with Do Not Call.

I was thrilled when I “upgraded” to a tiny flip phone. I felt like I had just received a communicator off of Star Trek, my favorite television show.

For most of my life I had lived with only a land line and now I could walk outside and have that phone in my purse. Wow.

When our eldest son was in high school, he begged us for a phone. The “mom” instinct of knowing he could reach me at any time took over and we agreed.

What I didn’t realize at the time was how much a teenager can talk and what the cost was of “overages”.

I will admit I hid one outrageous bill from my husband until I could get it paid. I later fessed up but explained that I didn’t want to pay for a coronary operation had he known.

Needless to say, my son and I had a different kind of “chat” on cell phone use.

(Luckily, I live with the concept that payback is inevitable and now he has teenagers who have cell phones.)

While he went through college we adjusted the plan to keep our bank account in the black. Still, he was rarely without his cell phone and we teased him about it being glued to his ear.

Now he is a salesman who constantly uses his cell phone for work as well as family.

“Unlimited” is a friendly word to him.

In the meantime, I have upgraded my cell phone and now communicate via iPhone and iPad. I feel iAccomplished to be able to navigate through many of the iApps.

On a cruise I got ‘unplugged’ and thought it was a lovely break but started texting before the boat docked.

I knew my iHabit was getting worse since I check the phone several times an hour unless I’m deep into a project. Even then, it is usually wirelessly streaming music to keep my iSanity in check.

Then, this week, I had to go iCold Turkey. I left my iPhone at my mother-in-law’s home an hour away and wouldn’t be able to get it back for a day or so.

iPanic. iFound it using my husband’s Find Your Friends app. iNotify my kids that I am unplugged. They iLaughed (or is that LOL?).

At least iHave my iPad, iSaid.

iForget - iUse my phone for my alarm clock.

iAm late to work.

iGotta get my iPhone back.