Please be patient at the pump


While the food bank is running low of food, some area gas stations are running low on fuel as the effects are felt locally of the closure of a leak in a major gasoline pipeline in Alabama.

Are the shortages caused by the pipeline issue or because many folks panic in times like this by filling up their vehicles with more fuel than they needed?

We’ve seen comments on both sides on Facebook this week as residents offer their opinions on the matter.

Regardless of what led to the shortages, we encourage residents to stay calm, plan accordingly and go about their daily routines.

Crews are working to fix the pipeline issue as soon as possible. In the meantime, we can all be patient and understanding.

The problem is temporary and expected to be short-lived.

It is our understanding that most of the “big chain” convenience stores should have fuel while the independents may experience outages.

Understand what an impact this is to their businesses and let’s support them as best as possible.

Use common sense. Be patient if in a line. Be courteous of those around you. Plan ahead to give yourself extra time in case you encounter a line.