Welcome home and bring a can of food


It’s a wonderful time of year as the temperature starts to drop and high school football is in full swing.

This means fall is here, but it also signifies that it is time to welcome back alumni of area schools – Barnwell High, Blackville-Hilda High, Jefferson Davis Academy and Williston-Elko High – as Homecoming festivities are held across Barnwell County. Between this Friday and October 14, all four schools will celebrate Homecoming.

We welcome all alumni home, especially those who are traveling from other parts of the state and country. To those who no longer live here, we hope you will return “home” as often as you can. Please don’t be a stranger.

Thousands of alumni will cheer on their favorite teams, catch up with former classmates at tailgating events, participate in parades and enjoy a time of unity.

Whether you are a Warhorse, Blue Devil, Hawk or Raider, we all have one thing in common – we are one community. We are Barnwell County!

The county’s three public high schools are putting aside their rivalry to come together for a need in the community. After learning about people being sent away empty handed from the Axis 1 Food Bank in Barnwell due to a lack of food, the three athletic directors huddled together and decided to help tackle the problem.

Barnwell High and Williston-Elko High schools encourage fans to bring canned food items to their Sept. 30 Homecoming games, both of which start at 7:30 p.m. Blackville-Hilda High School collected items at their Sept. 23 home game, although items can still be donated.

We think this is a perfect way to show solidarity in our community. A little more love and unity never hurts, especially in today’s world where there is so much division and hatred.

As Blackville-Hilda Athletics posted on their Facebook page, “Let’s show everyone how our three communities can come together and make a positive impact in our county.”

While Homecoming is intended to be a fun event, we encourage folks to please be careful. There is nothing wrong with celebrating, but please do not drink and drive, and be courteous to your hometown neighbors. We want you back next year!