Real men wear pink to fight breast cancer

  • Managing Editor Jonathan Vickery sports a pink tie and pin as he holds the 2016 Pink Edition of The People-Sentinel.

If you look in my closet, you won’t find a lot of pink, other than a couple ties. Instead, you’ll see about every imaginable shade of blue – my favorite color.

However, that is going to change because real men wear pink.

I am honored to be selected by the American Cancer Society (ACS) for their inaugural CSRA Real Men Wear Pink Campaign to raise money for the Making Strides Against Breast Cancer program. The goal is to create a world free from the pain and suffering caused by breast cancer.

That’s why I along with the other selected community and business leaders from the CSRA have been challenged to each raise at least $1,500 for the ACS to fund cancer research and education. The other Real Men Wear Pink participants include a television meteorologist, actor, businessmen and cancer doctor.

While breast cancer has not affected by family – other than a great aunt – a number of friends, former teachers and other people I know have been diagnosed with the disease. Some successfully won their battle, some unfortunately lost their fight and others are currently battling cancer.

I am challenging everyone to donate at least $5 to this campaign.

Donate online at Please click my name - Jonathan Vickery - to go to my page and donate or you can donate from the homepage and then select “Jonathan Vickery’s campaign”. Donations can also be brought by The People-Sentinel office (10481 Dunbarton Boulevard, Barnwell) or mailed to us at P.O. Box 1255, Barnwell, SC 29812. If you prefer, you can mail your donation directly to the American Cancer Society’s Augusta office (Attn: Real Men Wear Pink of Augusta, 2607 Commons Boulevard, Augusta, Ga. 30909). Please earmark the donation for Jonathan Vickery in the memo line of your check so your donation will be applied to his campaign.

While this is a fundraising initiative, this campaign is also about increasing awareness in the community about breast cancer and the efforts of the ACS. That’s why I will be wearing a lot of pink this month, whether it’s a shirt, tie, pin or wristband.

Let’s work together so we can make strides to finish the fight against breast cancer.