Red Cross expresses thanks to community

Dear Editor,

I was with the Red Cross at Barnwell Elementary and I would like to say “Thank you!” Barnwell County has a wonderful community that came together to take care of each other and the evacuees.

I would especially like to send a heartfelt THANK YOU to DSS because they were my lifesaver. Also to the deputies that were with us around the clock!

I cannot express in words my heartfelt thank you to the following:

-Hagood Avenue Baptist Church for supplies/ food

-Save the Children

-M&M Glass Service

-Barnwell First Baptist Church for supplies/ food

-Coley Creech for the showers/First Baptist Church

-Kenneth Creech, Barnwell Elementary custodian. They have the best who take care of their school. You are awesome.

-Calvary Baptist Church for supplies and thank you to the pastor for talking with our evacuees.

-Ned Branch Baptist Church for so many goodie bags and supplies. Also, thanks to your pastor for being there and speaking with those who wanted to talk.

-Culbert Branch Baptist Church

-Ashleigh Baptist Church

-Barnwell Band Boosters

-Animal Advocates

-Bethany Baptist

-Robin Gable, RN

-Second Baptist Church

-Wal-Mart of Barnwell

I’m sorry I can’t even write everything that was brought in by these wonderful people and there were so many individuals that brought in items. I have not put a dent in the names and items that were brought.

Thank you, too, Roger Riley, Mrs. Williams and Steve Ray whom I was in contact with at the emergency operations center.

Those that I know brought food, coffee, etc., please know that I thank you from the bottom of my heart. I’m sorry I can’t remember all the names. To those that I haven’t mentioned above, please forgive me.

But the main person that needs to know already knows - our God above.

Candy Parnell Kooken,

American Red Cross