Laurel Baye resident more grateful after storm

Dear Editor,

To whom it may concern in regards to Matthew:

This is the day which the Lord has made. We will rejoice and be glad in it.

Several weeks ago we here at Laurel Baye were aware of the new day but we were far from being glad in it. We had just been told we would be eating our meals in our rooms. That we would no longer have use of the dining room!

No dining room! Where would we play Bingo, study the Bible, have Sunday school or mission organizations? Where would we meet when we needed to talk, make jewelry, color some beautiful pictures or make plans for next month? No dining room? How terrible for us! We were all devastated! What would we do?

We talked about how unfair this was but we prayed asking God to help us accept this. We anxiously awaited the arrival of the bus with 46 people who had to leave their home because of the heavy rains/flooding and no place to go. How ashamed we were! We had good beds, good food, were dry and fed. When the bus finally came in and the poor people began getting off, we stood in gratitude and unbelief. Some of the people had tote bags, others had nothing but what they had on.

Once again we all felt bad for them. We were being grateful we were able to help them in some small way. The church people in our area responded and brought food, clothing, extra water and drinks of every description. Some people volunteered to help feed some of the residents, move the mattresses and set up the tables for meals. The firemen met the bus and assisted in getting the people to “dry land” and supper.

Our meals were great but some complained but mostly we were all grateful. The dietary department outdid themselves with providing enough good and nourishing food. The washing machines worked overtime and staff even had to go to the laundry mat occasionally. The shower machine worked overtime trying to make sure that everyone had a bath and clean clothes.

Their staff came with our guests but so many of our staff had to help out. All in all, everything worked out well. As far as I know we had no casualties. We had our dining room back and wouldn’t we know we were concerned about our sister and brothers. Did they have a good time? Were they satisfied with us?

We pray that if we do this again we will be more grateful.

To God be the Glory! God is good!

A special thank you to all that helped.

Respectfully submitted,

Marie N. Brant,

Resident at

Laurel Baye of Williston