Nation will be stronger if we work together

Dear Editor,
What’s fascinating about this election is, we truly have a divide in this country. A huge gap in perception and reality. 
The reality is that many white Americans felt their country abandoned them and black Americans felt it had never picked them up. 
If we all reflect on this election as a lesson, we will find out that many of us have acquaintances of different races, but we don’t have true friends, friends we talk to about what we think. If we just talk to each other and understand each other; we’ll find we have many of the same basic needs in life. 
What’s hurtful is when we continually walk and talk past each other because we know that dealing with each other’s hurts, pains, and concerns are more difficult than doing nothing. 
I remember saying to my wife that Obama was the surgery and recovery to America and Trump is physical therapy. 
This will hurt us in the beginning, but we will become stronger. But the only way this will happen is if WE (America) are all going to physical therapy together! America will be okay y’all, but we have to work together!!!!
Tony Littles,