Shop at home first this holiday season


Now that we all have counted our blessings while enjoying a little turkey, football and family time, it’s time to get into the Christmas spirit.

Can you believe Christmas is less than one month away?

There is so much to do before then, including decorating, planning family gatherings, attending various functions and buying presents for our loved ones. This season can be stressful, but we hope everyone takes a moment to truly enjoy this time of year.

While we love covering Barnwell County happenings all year, Christmas is our favorite time of year. We love to see the community come together for parades, Christmas tree lightings and other seasonal events that will be happening in the coming weeks.

One reminder we have for our residents - when shopping for your family and friends, shop at home first.

Our local businesses are vital to our economy and they need your support.

Additionally, they carry many of the same items (and some better items) than can be found in “big box” stores.

If you figure in the addtional cost of gas, meals and the angst of fighting crowds in bigger cities, it’s just as cheap or cheaper to shop at home.

These businesses are closer than the click of a mouse.

These are the businesses that support our schools, scouts, little league teams, and events.

These are the folks who provide local jobs and pay local taxes which help all of us to have a thriving community.

These are our neighbors that we see at church and sandwich shops.

These are the merchants that go out of their way to give us the best customer service.

Many carry specialty items that can’t be found anywhere else but in Barnwell County.

Most retail businesses in the United States do a huge amount of their annual business between Thanksgiving and Christmas. Their lifeline for the rest of the year depends on how well sales are at this time of year.

Let’s pump some dollars into those businesses.

The return is a vibrant local economy all year long.

All we ask is that you visit local stores first before shopping elsewhere.

A lot of local merchants will have extended hours during the holidays. In Barnwell, for example, there will be a shopping opportunity following the Love Lights memorial and Christmas event on Thursday night.

There are a lot of local Christmas events coming up over the next few weeks. Combine those events with an opportunity to visit local retailers and show your Christmas spirit.

Your business at Barnwell County’s local businesses will be appreciated.