Random acts of kindness


Simple acts of kindness.

Sometimes that is all it takes to change someone’s attitude, their day or even their life.

During this season people exchange gifts, large and small.They box and wrap and dither about ribbons and bows.

But sometimes the greatest gift that can be given are very small acts of kindness.

It is more than just the manners our parents taught us to use. It is going out of the way to say something nice, do something helpful or just offer a smile.

The holidays are stressful for everyone and it is not just the folks on limited or non-existent budgets that may need a bit of encouragement.

Simple acts of kindness are generally free. Usually these acts are easily given but the recipient may feel as though they have been given gold.

As you go through this season, and through the year, try to give some random act of kindness each day.

There are those for whom the spirit of Christmas is a gift unto itself.