Hospital: Barnwell County Council failed

The following is a comment posted on The People Sentinel’s Facebook page.

While I give kudos to The People-Sentinel for stepping up its coverage of the EDC situation, I must say that the attempt to illustrate the “good” is thin.

We lost a community mainstay.We lost the safety net that can and, if left unopened, WILL cost lives.

Personally speaking, my wife almost died from a pulmonary embolism; a complication from her cancer treatment that I specifically mentioned to each council their faces...during the meeting to discuss the closure.

To the councilmen specifically: you failed. The entire ride behind an ambulance where my wife was fighting for her life during a bumpy hour ride to get help was on you. Any bump or jar could have broken the clot loose and killed her and that is and will always be on you.

I hold all of you in the highest contempt. I say again...YOU FAILED.

I have had several of the old employees discuss with me personally how your holding firm to not extending the supplement or support of the hospital for even one more year closed it. It was on the verge of being bought out and would have received the federal funding now going to Allendale hospital.


I will not forget you failed.

You have continued to fail by not rectifying the situation and what’s more, you lost hundreds of thousands of dollars in income of the families who either worked there or had a member of their family work there. Honest professional medical careers...lost...and I mentioned that, too, at the closing of the meeting to which you ALL simply shrugged and offered to assist to help the employees with a “job fair” so they could take their talents and income to other parts of the state.

Maybe you didn’t notice the elections that removed some of you this past election...believe me when I tell you...we’ll not hold job fairs for your positions when you’re replaced.

Gibby Sanders Jr.,