Former councilman refutes SCA meeting

Dear Editor,

In reading the article regarding the proposed Council action on the Barnwell County EDC, I was surprised to read Danny Black’s answer to a question from Jerry Creech about who approached him (Black) first about a takeover of EDC activities. Mr. Black responded that I and Councilman Smith were the first to approach him about taking over EDC activities.

This was a surprise to me! I have never had a conversation or meeting with Mr. Black regarding a takeover of EDC activities. I understand there was a meeting called at the request of Mr. Black to Councilman Houston. Advance notice of the meeting date was sent by email to council members by Councilman Houston.

It is my understanding that the meeting was attended by councilmen Houston, Kenner, Smith and Creech. I was attending an Income Tax Seminar in Charleston at the time and did not get the email until returning to my office several days after the meeting was held.

Knowing that Mr. Black is a busy man, I assume his response was simply a lapse in memory. I wouldn’t think the question from Mr. Creech and answer from Mr. Black was pre-planned to deflect from those supporting the shameful attempt to renege on a written agreement between Council and the municipalities.


R. Keith Sloan,


(Publisher’s note: Keith Sloan served on Barnwell County Council but was defeated in November 2016 in his bid for re-election. Most recently he was selected as Williston’s representative on the Barnwell County Economic Development Commission.)