Black thankful but moving to ‘a new season’

Dear Editor,

According to Ecclesiastes 3:1-2, “To everything there is a season, A time for every purpose under Heaven:.....” Just as the writer of this passage in the Bible describes a time for “everything”, I believe individuals go through various personal and different seasons in their lives. Changes, new paths, and fresh ventures occur in our lives.

After much prayer, I feel a need to move into another season. I have decided not to run for another term on the Barnwell School District 45 School Board. Obligations to my family are first and foremost as I choose not to run in the upcoming election (April 11, 2017). I’ve served on the Barnwell 45 Board of Trustees almost 14 years, after retiring from the school district with 27 years of service in the district office. It has been a true honor to serve on the Barnwell 45 School Board and I sincerely thank everyone who has supported and encouraged me over the years.

Serving on the school board has always been a position I have taken seriously, and is dear to my heart because my desire is that every child, regardless of circumstances, abilities, and race, receivex the very best education possible. As a child, my sisters and I were brought up to give 100% to every undertaking, and that anything less was not satisfactory. Excuses are unacceptable. With that said, and feeling I am no longer able to give full 100%, or fulfill all the responsibilities and obligations to be a school trustee I should be, I feel it is time to move on to a different season for my life. Giving 100% means to me giving lots of time visiting schools, attending school functions, sports events, and participating in school programs.

As I “retire” from the school board, I ask parents, community members, churches, and everyone to please remember that our teachers need first our prayers, also recognition, gratefulness, and encouragement. We have many dedicated teachers, faculty and staff who work very, very hard every day to nurture and teach our children because of their love for the children and dedication to their profession.

In closing, again, it has been a great honor to be a member of the Barnwell School District 45 Board of Trustees. Thank you, everyone, and God Bless.


Valenda D. Black,