Charitable meal plan needed for NCAA athletes

Dear Editor,

Black people may leave a religious center to worship the devil but they go back to their religious centers at a faster rate than other races who worship the devil according to various studies (laughs).

Most of the NCAA student-athletes are black and they are left without meal plans on the weekend. This is odd because the college student-athletes are what you see in the media more than any other thing of a college.

It is important for student-athletes to eat healthy and the majority of NCAA sports teams have religious service on Sundays.

I was the first South Carolina Student-Athlete to pass a graduate course as a underclassmen (sophomore) when I took Healthcare Ethics. I didn’t know I was so politically conservative until my classmate Aria Navab read my research paper on Obamacare (laughs).

I would like for those religious centers to work with the team nutritionists and dietitians to form a charitable meal plan for NCAA Student-Athletes. This would reduce the amount of weekend money student-athletes would need and strengthen their moral compasses.

Jordan Cooper,

Columbia (formerly of Barnwell County)