Every ‘litter bit’ trashes Barnwell County

Dear Editor,

Have you ever noticed the amount of trash along our streets and highways in Barnwell County?

Seldom have you seen dumping of trash on purpose, as most of it occurs a “litter bit” at a time. Is this because we are “trashy people” or because we are not thoughtful in what we do?

Trash stays where it is placed and accumulates because the decomposition rate is very long. Does the sight of this trash impact potential business and home buyers looking for sites to relocate? You bet it does! Thus our trashiness or thoughtlessness can keep businesses from our county and therefore impacts potential jobs and our tax basis.

Barnwell County does not hire people to pick up trash along our streets and roadways. So, what can we do about it? There are many things each of us can do to reduce the litter problem in Barnwell County.

•If you see bags of trash or garbage in our woods or along our streets and roadways, pick them up. If you do not want to remove them, call the local Police Department in Barnwell County and report the location. There are investigators for Barnwell County who will investigate the litter and remove of it properly. Do not investigate it yourself. Let the law enforcement personnel handle it the official way. Deputy Darlene Sanders can be reached at 803-671-1682 for any more information about littering.

•Do not put loose containers or sacks in the bed of your truck. They will easily blow out. Put that trash inside the truck or in a covered container or a bag tied to the truck so that it cannot blow out. If you are hauling trash to a recycle center, cover the trash as required by law.

•Do you keep a litterbag in your vehicle? A litterbag is useful in holding those candy wrappers or empty soda containers until you can place them in recycle bins. If walking, keep trash until you get home to dispose of it properly. Don’t forget that cigarette butts are litter too!

We should all want to take care of our property, whether it is for our enjoyment or for use by others. What ruins the look of a beautiful pine plantation more than scattered garbage which should have been taken to a recycle center?

Property owners should ensure their renters are keeping the properties clean and free of litter. The existing renters will surely relocate at some point in time, and will want to move onto “trashed” property? What ruins the sight of our beautiful flowing streams and kills more fish than floating trash?

Everyone must remember, we are the caretakers of our land and water. If we do not keep it litter free for the next generation, who will? Do your part. Do not litter. We surely do not want to be known as “Smiling Faces, Trashy Places” in Barnwell County.

Contributed by:

Thomas O. Sanders, III, Chairman

Barnwell Soil & Water Conservation District