All citizens’ help needed to solve litter issue

Dear Editor,

The month of May has been designated as “Litter Awareness Month”.

I ask that we make this a daily and yearlong effort. Our roadsides are covered with trash. They are continuously bombarded with litter. Some is blown out of the back of the truck but most is simply tossed out the window of vehicles by uncaring people.

Each of us as citizens of Barnwell County should be concerned about this problem. Consider this, would you consume a fast food meal or some type of drink in your home then throw the trash on the floor? I think the answer is no; however, this is just what we do by throwing items out of our vehicles.

Our county and state are not alone in facing this particular problem. What does it take to solve this problem? Each and every citizen should take the responsibility to make sure that we “stash our own trash”! Until we are willing to do this, we will continue to have trashy roadsides.

We have recycling centers located throughout the county. I urge you to use these centers as a way of properly disposing of your trash. I would also urge you to recycle plastic, cardboard, metal, tires, yard debris, bottles, etc. It takes a little extra effort but is well worth the time to do so.

The role of the Conservation District is to protect the natural resources within the county.

Let’s keep our county and state clean not only for our sake but for our upcoming generations of children and grandchildren. Please, “Stash Your Trash!”


Dr. Michael J. Sullivan, Vice-Chairman

Barnwell Soil & Water Conservation District