Help is needed for Barnwell Animal Shelter

Dear Editor,

It’s time for some harsh realities, Barnwellians! We need our community to step up and become fosters for the unwanted animals that show up every single day at our shelter!

All it requires is your time; we provide food and all medical. We literally have dozens of cute puppies and kitties that you can nurture! This is a SHELTER, not a personal dumping site!

If you have adult animals that are not spayed or neutered, get them fixed or surrender them.

If you take in an animal, you are responsible for that animal. There is absolutely no excuse for all of the puppies and kittens that are brought here because they are “unplanned and unwanted”!

Animals don’t make a conscious decision to mate, so it’s up to their human owners to prevent such mating.

There are low/no cost programs available to you if you find that it’s just too expensive! I guess it’s not a problem for any of you irresponsible owners that these animals will die because there’s not enough space at our small shelter!

Come volunteer here for just two weeks and you will realize just how necessary it is for our citizens to WAKE UP!

I’m mentally exhausted and ready to check out. Our volunteers and employees work tirelessly to help as many as we can, but without support from our community, our hands are tied!

Volunteer, foster, spay, neuter, whatever you can. We are begging for HELP!

On a positive note: we recently had several heroes show up with food, litter and cleaning supplies! Shout out to Brenda Paulk Richardson, Elizabeth Ringus and Ginger Massey! We love you ladies for always being there to support us! God bless!

Allison Niegowski,

Shelter Director