Actions and words have consequences


First, let’s talk about actions.

We were seriously disappointed to learn that the Allendale County School Board took action and filed suit against the State Department of Education after State Superintendent Molly Spearman declared that district in a state of emergency and took over control.

This is a power play that has nothing to do with educating the children of Allendale County.

The board has obviously failed to set the policies and guidelines in place, and to get the right leadership in order to pull Allendale County schools out of its pit.

We support the actions of Superintendent Spearman to take control of the district. We know it will be a tough situation to overcome.

That effort would have been a whole lot more efficient and effective if the board had been willing to work with Spearman instead of against her.

Additionally, we understand taxpayer money is being used to pay the attorneys handling the lawsuit and yet we keep hearing how the parents want the state support. That’s not right to take their tax dollars and use them for purposes they oppose.

We ask that the board withdraw its lawsuit. If you are not willing to be a part of the solution, then get out of the way and quit being a part of the problem.

Second, let’s talk about words.

We were dismayed this weekend as we read some of the more than 125 comments on one thread on our Facebook page.

Over the weekend, we posted information about two police cars being involved in a wreck as they pursued a vehicle that ran through a DUI checkpoint. A number of people expressed sadness over the wreck. Some offered prayers for the two officers.

But other comments, we feel, were downright hateful.

These sort of comments do nothing to make our community a better place to live.

We respect and promote one’s right to free speech. We understand people will disagree. That’s not the problem.

It is the disrespect for each other’s opinions and the name-calling that disappoints us.

There is also the rush to judgment before all the facts are available.

A lot was said about the driving of the officers but little was said about the person who evaded a checkpoint, dangerously passed other vehicles in an attempt to get away and truly caused the situation in the first place.

We just ask that folks chatting on social media, whether on our page or elsewhere, to consider what they are saying. Are those words the same ones you would use if you were talking face-to-face?

We can debate issues without debasing each other.

A new song by Christian artist Mandisa sums this topic up beautifully:

“We all bleed the same

We’re more beautiful when we come together

We all bleed the same

So tell me why, tell me why

We’re divided

If we’re gonna fight

Let’s fight for each other

If we’re gonna shout

Let love be the cry

We all bleed the same

So tell me why, tell me why

We’re divided”

Let’s show the world that Barnwell County can promote unity and love despite our differences.