Sales tax for schools better than consolidation

Dear Editor,

I do not think many citizens in Barnwell County are aware of the political movement afoot to consolidate public schools in Barnwell County. I doubt many people understand that the ultimate goal of consolidation is a centralized high school in Barnwell County.

Our politicians will tell us that the cost of running three school districts is too high and our schools are failing. They won’t tell you that consolidation in other counties in South Carolina hasn’t lowered taxes or raised the quality of education in those counties.

It is true that the Barnwell County taxpayer is paying more than their fair share of school taxes. The major contributing factor to this unfair tax burden is that less than half of the people in Barnwell County pay school taxes.

I think it wouldn’t be unfair to have a local option sales tax for education in our county, so that everyone who purchases anything contributes something to our schools. I find this a much more attractive alternative than the demise of the Warhorses, the Blue Devils, and the Hawks and building a mega million dollar school.

Thank you,

Lon Walsh,