Axis 1 partnerships benefit county


There are many things that can be accomplished by a single person.

But there is so much more that can be accomplished by people who work together towards a common goal.

To do that, relationships and partnerships need to be formed.

An organization that seems to have perfected the art of forming relationships is Axis 1.

Most people think of Axis 1 as the “alcohol and drug abuse” agency but this agency is actually so much more.

They partner with all three school districts for personal health education, teen pregnancy prevention and alcohol/drug services.

They partner with local law enforcement for training, equipment, enforcement and crime reduction.

They partner with area organizations such as the Rotary Club to provide swimming lessons for children.

They work to make sure children are fed nutritious meals. They gather food and get donations to purchase food so families going through hard times won’t starve.

In winter months they find coats for those who cannot afford to purchase one.

They gather together people to discover the needs of Barnwell Countians and South Carolinians. They then work to fill those needs, overcome obstacles and get results.

A small example of this is the Women’s Advisory Board which broaches topics such as fetal alcohol syndrome, domestic violence, child development, elder care and other issues facing local women.

They form relationships to develop programs, get grants and provide equipment and services to benefit the people of Barnwell County.

Just about every successful project is not just Axis 1 alone but a collaboration of people and organizations.

And yes, they help people who are struggling with alcohol and drug addiction. They also help guide the families ravaged by that addiction.

They are the voices at the other end of the crisis line.

They are voices of hope.

Axis 1 is known not only locally for their successes, but also statewide and nationally.

This small staff works seemingly 24/7 to make the lives of Barnwell County residents better. While Cheryl Long and Pam Rush are the leadership there, they are supported by a dedicated staff.

They are also supported by their guiding board.

Ask just about any other organization or agency in Barnwell County, almost all of them will say they have a relationship with Axis 1 and that relationship has helped them in some way.

We want to take this time to say “Thank You” for the all the work Axis 1 does for Barnwell County.

We thank you as individuals and as partners.

We cannot emphasize enough how lucky Barnwell County is to have Axis 1 here. We ask residents to support their efforts. Partner with them. Help them help our community.

And be amazed with what can be accomplished.