Students will return to school and experience a myriad of ‘firsts’

All the news about the upcoming eclipse has just about “eclipsed” the other big event happening this week - the return of students to the classrooms.

For many, Thursday will be a day of “firsts” for them - first day of kindergarten, first day of first grade, first day of middle school, first day of high school, first day of their senior year.

It may be the first time a youngster has ever ridden a school bus or found their way through a lunch line.

The first day of school is the one day when most students show up with new clothes and bookbags.

It is an awe-inspiring day for those who come to the first day of class with hopes and dreams and a few regrets that summer vacation is over.

While the first day of school can be a little bewildering for those learning routines for the first time, it won’t take but a few days to get those habits down pat.

It seems like yesterday that I was holding back tears as I watched my sons wave me away as they entered the school building. They may been a little afraid but they were determined not to let Mom see it.

Frankly, I was terrified but I didn’t want them to know it. How dare they grow up?

My fear was of learning how to monitor homework (Algebra? Really?), juggle schedules, knowing how to clean football jerseys (after stewing in a hot car), and making sure they really could master the spelling list.

Now those sons are watching their own children grow. One of my grandsons is starting K5 and already has his eye on first grade.

For all those parents, grandparents or guardians who are experiencing the first day of school with children, I hope that you will cherish the moments. Take all those silly first-day-of-school pictures and print out the best to stick on the front of your refrigerator - the wall of family fame.

Enjoy all the “firsts” and know there are many more to come.