Parents can be educators’ support staff


Inside this edition is a section previewing the goals and expectations of Barnwell County’s educational leadership. They all express high hopes of achieving many goals.

Education today is much more challenging than when many of us were students. There are local, state and federal mandates. There are changing needs for resources - such as Chromebooks. And there are very high expectations by parents.

Teaching is a tough job.

Barnwell County is blessed to have many wonderful educators who, along with support staff, are up to the challenges of educating our youth.

But there is one sector of “support staff” they need to count on but have little control over - parents and guardians.

Parents and guardians need to be a part of their children’s daily education support.

They need to give praise often, discipline and encouragement. Parents need to listen to the requests of teachers. And, if there is a problem, that is the time to work together to find a solution, not becoming a larger part of the problem.

Parents also need to be aware of where their children are, who they are associating with and hone that sixth sense of knowing when something is wrong.

Bullying, cyber/social media overload, drugs and stress are all things to watch out for.

There are so many resources available for parents to tap into if they have questions.

Will you get everything perfect? Nope. But as long as your children know where their “safe haven” is, they will come to you when they need you.

We ask parents of school-age children to join the Parent-Teacher Association (PTA), attend school improvement council meetings and attend significant events. Become a part of the “support staff” for your school.

If your job or lifestyle does not lend itself to attending those meetings, ask for the minutes so you can catch up on what was discussed. Check your school’s website. Know the email address of the teacher(s) and keep in touch. Communication is best when parents and teachers get to know each other and develop a shared trust over their student.

We ask that all parents take the time to read through the information provided in this week’s edition to get an insight of the dreams, goals and challenges for our local schools.

We wish everyone a fantastic school year.