Local Boy Scout relates benefits of scouting

Dear Editor,

My name is Stephen Pigman. I am in Troop 392 of Barnwell’s Boy Scouts. I am currently working on a merit badge in communications. Since you are the managing editor of our local newspaper, The People-Sentinel, I have chosen to write to you to express my opinion of being a Boy Scout. This letter will fulfill the requirements for this badge.

It is my opinion that all boys could benefit from being a member of Boy Scouts of America. The activities are worthwhile and teach good life lessons.

I have been a member of Boy Scouts for over seven years. I have enjoyed being a Boy Scout because I get to do so many interesting and fun things. Not only do I get to enjoy all the activities that we do, but I get to be with my friends and other people in my troop on our adventures. Being a Boy Scout has helped me develop social, physical, and intellectual skills that I might not otherwise have.

One of the things I enjoy most is the opportunity to help our community. For instance, when the tornado came through Barnwell State Park this spring, it destroyed lots of trees and left the park messed up. The park had to close because of the mess. Our troop volunteered their services to help clean up the park. Even though it was hard work, I knew what we had done would help our community.

We go on lots of camping trips. These trips are always fun. They teach us about the outdoors. They teach us how to get along with others and how to work together. We learn camping skills such as pitching tents, cooking, hiking, directional skills, recognizing plants and animals, and other life skills. These are all skills that we will need throughout the rest of our lives.

By visiting different campsites around South Carolina and some in other states, we learn a lot about the environment. We have visited many different places like the woods, fields, islands, mountains, rivers, and others. My personal favorite was white water rafting.

I believe many boys would enjoy Scouting, and being a scout teaches you to be a better person.


Stephen C. Pigman