‘Strongest hurricane’ bears close watch


The outpouring of kindness has been wonderful following Hurricane Harvey and the floods that came with it.

People in Texas helped each other in the midst of the crisis. People in surrounding areas came - and are still coming - to their aid with boats, water, food, clothing, personal items and clean-up kids.

The Sandifer family should be particularly commended as well as all those who have contributed to their efforts of sending supplies to Texas.

This is what America is truly about - people helping people without care of race, color, creed or origin. It was just people in need getting help from people with resourcees.

We hope that assistance continues.

Unfortunately, we are in the midst of hurricane season and a horrific hurricane is now approaching the Florida peninsula.

As of Tuesday, Hurricane Irma was “the strongest hurricane in the Atlantic basin outside of the Caribbean Sea and Gulf of Mexico in the National Hurricane Center records,” according to a NHC forecaster.

Winds were recorded at 154 knots - that’s 178 miles per hour.

This monster storm is more than scarey.

And the track of it currently looks like it will come up Florida and into the Carolinas. It all depends on how and when it turns.

We’re not fear-mongering but we feel it is far better to be prepared than to wait until the last hour before making vital decisions.

We can only pray that this storm will dissipate but that’s not what forecasters are hinting at.

We ask - we beg - everyone to keep a close eye on this storm and make your storm preparations now. If you plan to evacuate, know where you are going. If you have relatives with disabilities, determine where they can go and how to get them to a safe place.

Secure documents and other items you may need later.

Put together a disaster kit as if you needed to live on your own for two weeks.

Just take a look at what folks in Texas are dealing with and put yourself in their place - what would you do?

The best place to keep track is the National Hurricane Center’s website - nhc.noaa.gov.

We plan to be in touch with local authorities and, should the need arise, we will post news on our website at www.thepeoplesentinel.com and our Facebook page at www.facebook.com/thepeoplesentinel.