Community ‘shouts out’ their appreciation

From Publisher Laura McKenzie: We knew everyone was concerned and stressed over the track of Hurricane Irma but we also knew there are a lot of good people helping their family and neighbors. We asked readers to share their good stories as well.

Readers were asked to post a “shout out” to this post when someone did something really nice and helpful during this experience.

It starts with a shout out to our emergency management folks for all the planning that goes on long before a storm arrives. Their planning and coordination with a myriad of agencies helps keeps the rest of us safe. THANK YOU!

Leigh Stanley: Shout out to The People-Sentinel for encouraging us to show more appreciation and worry less. Thank you!

Beth Ingram Webb: Shout out to David Webb for helping an elderly gentleman (he did know him) find his car at Kroger today. Then he helped him load his 6-8 gallons of water and other supplies.

Melanie Griffith: Great idea!! You get my first “shout out” for your post itself! I hope I get to come back and comment a lot! I have much faith in our little town and its people! So I know this post will be packed with comments, and I will be waiting.... and doing what I can too! #barnwellstrong

Amy Coto: Thanks to the gentleman who saw me struggling in Walmart parking lot trying to load all my water! He came over and loaded it all for me! #littlethings #meanalot

Lynette Corder: Shout out to all the teachers keeping their students calm and teaching on! #teachersrock

Norma Rockwell: Barnwell County CERT has added 3 “new” experienced members to the rolls this week. We are ready! The next class is accepting applications.

Tanya Wolf: The People-Sentinel for being a brand of media that sets the bar high for printing the news as factual and not being a pot stirrer of drama. For bringing a community together and not ripping it apart. May God keep us all safe.

Angela Lee Driggers: After posting yesterday that we were looking for a generator, I have received SO many responses from people telling me where to find one, who may have one, where places are receiving shipments, etc...and I am still getting responses. I appreciate each and every response. And most of the response is from people who do not know me! As of this moment we still do not have one but I feel we will have one soon. We have someone standing in line to get us one right now (FINGERS CROSSED), as we both have to be at work today til 5. We live in Walterboro but I work here in Barnwell County and have been using Facebook and The People-Sentinel posts to stay informed. Thanks to everyone for helping out!

Valli M. Finney: A dear friend, actually a former boyfriend, is in Orangeburg with his company who are going to help evacuate our coastline with their buses. They are contracted through FEMA. He said there’s about 130 buses staged at the O’burg fairgrounds. I haven’t seen him in about 35-49 years, so I’m heading over there soon! His company is out of Ohio, but there are charter buses from all over! Great news!!!

Beki Buchanan Reynolds: Thankful that my hometown has great men like Roger Riley (my former neighbor on Galilee Rd.) and my brother in law, Pickens Williams, looking out for all the citizens there because they truly care about their community!!!

Lucille Harper Parsons: Thankful for a store in Sylvania.... helped us get a new generator. I am sure she could tell that we are old!

Joshua Lee Saxon: Praying for our linesmen.

Karen Morris: hank you to all linemen for all your hard work!!!

Emergency Management Director Roger Riley: I want to thank all the agencies that gave up their nights and weekends to keep Barnwell County safe.