Local victim shares signs of ovarian cancer

Dear Editor,

Last year just about this time my body told me something wasn’t right. Not wasting any time I went to my gynecologist in Augusta, Ga., and was referred to AU Health.

I was diagnosed last October with stage IIIB ovarian low-grade serous adenocarcinoma that had spread into other reproductive organs and my omentum.

I am currently still under treatment as my cancer has returned.

I want to bring this horrific disease into the light and vow to help educate others on the signs and resources.

Ovarian cancer is one of the five leading causes of cancer death in American women. Ovarian cancer occurs in approximately one in 72 women. Each year, over 20,000 women are diagnosed with ovarian cancer and about 15,000 women die. Every 24 minutes in the U.S. a woman is diagnosed.


The signs:

• Abdominal pressure, bloating or discomfort

• Nausea, indigestion or gas

• Constipation, diarrhea or frequent urination

• Abnormal female-related bleeding

• Unusual fatigue

• Shortness of breath

• Unexplained weight gain or loss

• Constant feeling of fullness

Please, be aware and get checked.


Camella Black,