Support ‘Real News’ to promote truth


Fake news is a harmful menace that is becoming more and more prevalent in our society.

That’s why The People-Sentinel and other GateHouse Media newspapers join the News Media Alliance in a national “Support Real News” campaign to show people that there are still plenty of reputable journalists who work hard each day to promote the truth.

The free flow of information is a basic tenet of democracy and is why freedom of the press is in our country’s Constitution. Thousands of honest and reliable journalists across the country work to promote awareness and understanding through accurate and truthful reporting.

Unfortunately, there are some out there who exploit that freedom by spreading lies and false information. It’s a reality that seems to be growing.

So, what exactly is fake news?

Fake news is not something that someone simply dislikes or disagrees with. If that was the case, every news story would be deemed fake news because not everyone agrees with every issue or topic.

Instead, fake news is the deliberate dissemination of false information.

Fake news is not something to joke about. Fake news is wrong. It’s a very real issue with potentially harmful effects.

Not only does fake news give a bad name to the hard-working journalists who write factual articles, it also spreads inaccurate information. This information could be libelous or slanderous about a person, business or organization, bringing about very real repercussions. Fake news also tricks some people into believing inaccurate information and making decisions based on that false information - a scam.

Sometimes it can be hard to decipher exactly what news is real from all the fake stories, particularly on social media.

That’s why it is important to check your source, particularly online where there are countless fake sites. Using a trusted news source, such as your local newspaper, is one way to ensure your news is the real deal.

We can’t speak for anyone else, but our staff here at The People-Sentinel always strives to be fair, accurate and unbiased. We uphold ethical standards. We research, fact check and edit our stories before they are published. We put our opinions only on this page - the Opinion page.

GateHouse Media, which purchased our newspaper in October 2017, believes in doing journalism with impact. While we are new to the GateHouse family, we have always striven to impact our community through our journalistic efforts.

Our number one goal is to keep our readers informed about local news and events that matter to them. This includes reporting how taxpayer money is spent, holding public officials accountable, publishing the accomplishments of residents, and letting our readers know about upcoming community events.

This doesn’t mean what we write is always popular with readers. Some may disagree with a story due to their opinion or stance on an issue or because they have a personal involvement in the issue, but that does not make what we write fake news.

We ask our readers to support Real News and know that we at The People-Sentinel have these goals each and every day:

-To be Real, Reputable and Trusted!