When it comes to money, nothing’s simple

Nothing creates more issues than money.

Who has it? Who doesn’t have it? Is it being handled properly?

A squabble at the Barnwell County Council meeting last week is a perfect example of that.

The basis of the issue is a move by District 3 County Councilman Keith Sloan to move all funds handled by county entities under the county treasurer.

Sounds simple, right?

As always in politics, there is more to be considered at issue. It’s rarely, if ever, really simple.

Scarlet Knights appreciative

Dear Editor,

The Scarlet Knights would like to thank everyone for all the donations given during band camp. Special recognition goes out to Wal-Mart, Swiss Krono, Bi-Rite, B&B Ford, Galco, and TNT Printing. The response we got from the community was overwhelming. It means so much to know our community supports us not only with words but with actions as well. I would love to list everyone personally but am scared I would forget someone and that would be terrible, so let me just say..... WE LOVE BARNWELL and WE APPRECIATE EVERYTHING YOU DO!

Tabitha Zorn, on behalf of

Students, parents: follow ABC’s of back-to-school

Just a few months ago students and teachers alike were celebrating the end of another school year. Now it’s time to go back to the classrooms.

Where did the time go? Summer sure did fly by, didn’t it?

As students across Barnwell County enjoy the last few days of no homework, early morning wakeup calls, and studying, area teachers are back at work. In fact, many of them have been preparing throughout the summer for the first day of school by buying supplies, attending workshops and coming up with new ways to engage students so they can succeed academically.

Clinton is ‘a disgrace and embarrrassment’

Dear Editor,

I am not one that usually speaks out but I would like to respond to Ms. Mary Ann Kolb’s letter last week to the editor.

As to the statement you made that Barack Obama was a good man – the kind of husband and father you would hope your sons would grow up to be and someone your daughter would marry – I have totally disagree with you on this issue. He has lied and embarrassed this country to no end. This country is in the worst shape it has ever been in, no thanks to him. Just look at the stats – they prove it.

Our two cents on the one-cent tax

Are you willing to pay an extra penny of sales tax in Barnwell County? What if it would pay for capital projects around the county?

That’s the question voters are expected to be asked November 8 assuming the Barnwell County Council approves an ordinance next week adding the proposal for the 1-cent tax to the ballot.

Creech, Buckmon right to support pay raises

Dear Editor,

I commend Jerry Creech for standing up for the employees of Barnwell County to get a pay increase. I realize that he misspoke concerning the funds that the Clerk of Court gets from the federal government (not the state) which cannot be used for pay increases.

It would be nice for the County Council to quit following Keith Sloan’s direction.

The following are things that Keith has pushed which has put the county where it is today:

1) Selling the hospital.

Shop local, prepare soon for return to class

Only two-and-a-half weeks remain of summer vacation for local students and teachers. This means school bells will soon be ringing across Barnwell County.

We know this may not come as welcome news to students – and possibly educators – but August 15 will be here before you know it. That’s why it is important to make preparations now, including having the right tools.

Do your children have the necessary school supplies?

Lions thank all who buy calendars, brooms

Dear Editor,
Thanks to all of you who have been buying one of our Lions Club Birthday Calendars each year! 
If you have not, and desire to purchase a calendar and list your birthdays and wedding anniversary date, we would like to sign you up. The calendars are $5 each, and each listing is 50 cents. There are coupons to some of our local businesses that are worth more that $5 per month each month!

Chief requests trimmed trees, widened gates

Dear Editor,

Fire trucks and ambulances are taller vehicles than your average family SUV. They have trouble getting to many houses in the county due to lack of maintenance to tree limbs in driveways and narrow gates to fences.

If we cannot get to your house, we are not much use to you. If your driveway will not accommodate a vehicle the size of a school bus, then a fire truck will not make it either.

Thank you for investing in Barnwell County

“It’s a great day in South Carolina!”

That’s the greeting you will hear every day when you call a state agency.

It also sums up the July 13 festivities at Swiss Krono’s Barnwell County facility.

That was the day officials ceremoniously broke ground on an expansion of the facility that produces wood laminate flooring. From the company’s top executives who flew in from Europe to South Carolina Gov. Nikki Haley to local dignataries, many officials were on hand to celebrate the occasion.

Heal our world through compassion

Heal The World

Make It A Better Place

For You And For Me

And The Entire Human Race

There Are People Dying

If You Care Enough

For The Living

Make A Better Place

For You And For Me

-from Michael Jackson’s 1991 song, “Heal the World”

The preceding lyrics are 25 years old; however, the meaning behind them still resonates today.

Unfortunately, not everyone is working to make our world a better place, including some here in Barnwell County.

Combining municipal elections saves money

Dear Editor,

The June 14, 2016 Statewide Primary and June 28 runoff are in the history books. The June 28 runoff was a classic example of how just one vote decided if there would be a winner or a runoff in County Council District 03.

The voter turnout for the June 14 Statewide Primary election was 13.82 percent and Barnwell County 8.47 percent. The June 28 runoff had voter turnout of statewide 9.01 percent and county 6.52 percent. In the 2012 statewide primary voter turnout was 11.52 percent and county 6.54 percent, according to scvotes.org

BPD Chief asks for prayers, support for police

The following is a Facebook message posted on the City of Barnwell’s Police Department page:

Yesterday, I met with my officers and I assured them that the majority of citizens still believe in what they do and stand behind them. I assured them that if they continue to do the job they were called to do and do it based on the law and nothing else, the citizens will continue to hold them in high regard.

Summer heat, humidity dangerous

This week can be described in three words – hot, hot and hot!

While South Carolinians are used to annual summer heat waves, we still need to be reminded of surviving them.

Temperatures are especially scorching this week as the National Weather Service calls for the mercury to rise into the upper 90s. Factoring in the humidity, the heat index pushes that number above 100 degrees, including 105 on Wednesday, July 6.

Whether you work outside all day or plan to be in the heat for just a few minutes, it’s important to be cautious and prepared.

Ravenscroft family grateful

Dear Editor,

The family of Robbie Ravenscroft would like to extend our heartfelt gratitude to the Williston and Barnwell communities during our time of bereavement.

The outpouring of love and support as well as cards, food, flowers, and words of consolation have touched us.

We are sincerely thankful for your continued thoughtfulness and prayers.

Mr. & Mrs. Robert Ravenscroft and Family.

Bolen family thankful

Dear Editor,

We, the family of the late Judi Faye Bolen, would like to thank everyone for the love and kindness shown to us during the passing of our loved one. Your cards, visits, prayers, food, calls, thoughts and flowers have helped sustain us through this difficult time.

May God continue to bless each of you.

Lovingly submitted,

The family of the late

Judi Faye Bolen

The clear choice quietly listens to the Word

Dear Editor,

On the night of June 26, I turned on my TV. I was not surprised to see one of our presidential candidates leading the gay pride march in New York City. Then I turned the channel, and to my surprise, this time there were grown men and women riding down the street on their bikes in the nude.

Is this the culture we want our children to grow up in? I hope not!

Why is this allowed? I thought we had laws of decency in our country.


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