Local Democrats need to get more involved

Dear Editor,

Last month more than 20 delegates and alternates from Barnwell County joined hundreds of our fellow Democrats in Columbia for the South Carolina Democratic Party's annual Dem Weekend.

During the weekend of festivities, our delegation celebrated the accomplishments South Carolina Democrats have made over the last year and the future of our great party.

Dem Weekend gave Barnwell County Democrats hope for the future, but it also reminded us of all the work that we need to do if we want to change the direction of our state.

School needs to attend to discipline

Dear Editor:

I am the mother of two children who attend Kelly Edwards Elementary School. My oldest daughter has been attending this school for three years now, and my youngest started last year.

I have always heard positive things about this school and I was proud that my children could attend such a school.

This year she and my youngest daughter were both in the play "101 Dalmations" at school. I know my children very well and I've taught them that they would always have someone on their side. In this way, they could excel and grow.

May holds two memorial days for soldiers

May holds two important opportunities to honor those who defend our country. One usually passes relatively quietly, while the other is marked by barbecues, parades, speeches, flag-waving and remembrance.

Armed Forces Day (May 15) honors those presently standing watch in our nation's defense. It was established in 1959 as a salute to the men and women who serve in the Army, Marines, Navy, Air Force and Coast Guard. (Each branch had previously held separate celebrations but Armed Forces Day consolidated those observances.) Armed Forces Day is celebrated on the third Saturday in May.

Bus drivers carry precious cargo

Dear Editor:

Barnwell School District No. 45 is celebrating School Bus Driver Appreciation week.

Student transportation plays a vital role in the educational process.

Driving a school bus is a tremendous undertaking, one that requires dedication, cooperation and above all professionalism.

Bus drivers are the first school representative to see students in the morning and are often the last to see them in the evening.

Relay donations kept sheriff dry

Dear Editor:

I am writing to express my deepest thanks for your recent donations to the Relay For Life campaign. Generous gifts from donors like you provide the financial support needed to continue the quest for finding a cure for cancer.

With your generous financial contributions, you've demonstrated your deep commitment to the purpose of helping others that are victims of this disease. We can never give up the fight of finding a cure.

Drop-outs could find thumbs out

State representatives may have found an effective method to help combat the state's high school drop-out rate.

This method is one that has state representatives thinking more like parents and less like politicians.

Also, the potential solution doesn't involve money.

On April 29, the S.C. House of Representative passed a measure, H.3645, which would affect all South Carolina students under the age of 18 who are eligible for a driver's license.

Sorry is as sorry doesn't do

My wife has been gone visiting a few days, and I've been fending for myself.

It's not hard to do, really. I don't have to make the bed; there's no one here to complain if it's not made. Just throw the covers up and it's done.

I don't wash dishes-or put anything in the dishwasher-until the odor of spoiled food begins to permeate the whole kitchen. That usually takes a couple of days unless I have the air conditioning on. Then I can go three days.

Sprinklers are good home fire preventatives

Dear Editor,

Recent news reports say America's confidence in government is at an all-time low.

Here's a good example why. Given a choice between ensuring the safety of citizens and lining the pockets of the home-building industry, South Carolina is on the verge of giving public safety the back seat.

In the past 30 years, more than 100,000 people in the Unites States have died in fires, most in their own homes, one or two at a time.

Cancer's battle not over yet

The steps have been plodded; the carnival raised; the nocturnal entertainment enjoyed and the carnival stricken.

The Barnwell County 2010 Relay For Life night has come and gone, the frenetic fund-raiser to raise money and awareness against cancer.

Now the luminaries that lined the Circle in downtown Barnwell have been extinguished and are gone. Each luminary was more than a bag containing a wooden block pegged by a candle.

Each school lunch-sized paper bag was personalized.

State funding must continue to keep teen pregnancy rates down

May is Teen Pregnancy Awareness Month. This is an issue that affects us all. As a community it is an issue everyone needs to become more aware of and its impact in Barnwell County.

The Axis I Center of Barnwell receives a grant of $32,892 a year to provide teen pregnancy prevention programming in Barnwell County. With these funds, the Barnwell CAPP program implements evidenced-based (proven effective curricula) in sixth through ninth grades in Barnwell 45 and Williston school districts.

Bouknight was fine man and coach

Dear Editor,

Melvin Bouknight was a friend of mine and one of the finest coaches Barnwell High School has ever had. His brand of football was fun to watch and all of the Barnwell fans who were privileged to be a part of his tenure here are appreciative of his contribution to the Warhorse legacy. Few men have the ability to motivate young men as he did.

Sue and I cherish the time Melvin and his wife Lillian were in Barnwell. Rob Tyner and I had the pleasure of building their home here and will always consider them as good friends.

Lower ISO rating no small feat

For Barnwell County to receive a reduction in its ISO rating was no small feat -- an accomplishment created by many hands.
On July 1, the ISO rating for the county will drop from a 10 to a seven.

With ISO ratings -- like cholesterol and blood pressure -- a lower number is a good number.

ISO is the industry benchmark by which insurance companies base risk probabilities and factors when determining insurance coverage and premiums.

'...Houston, we've had a problem...'

This Saturday, April 17, marked an important day in American history: the 40th anniversary of Apollo 13's safe return to Earth.

The 1970 space mission was intended to be the third time for humans to land on the moon, but the landing was aborted because an oxygen tank ruptured. Suddenly the Apollo 13 astronauts faced the prospect of running out of oxygen more than 230,000 miles from Earth.

Libraries book into future

If you have a garden and a library, you have everything you need.
- Marcus Tullius Cicero
Roman philosopher and statesman

I ransack public libraries, and find them full of sunk treasure.
- Virginia Woolf,
English novelist

A meeting place, an economic engine, an information source, a civic forum, a study aid, a workshop of ideas.

All these things are roles a community library plays within a town.

Monti's memorial was rare event

Dear Editor,

Saturday's ceremony at Veterans Memorial Park is something that will stay with me for a lifetime. Not really knowing what to expect, within 10 minutes, I realized my son and I were witnessing a part of history that is very rare and possibly a once-in-a-lifetime experience for Barnwell County.

Cast-offs aren't that to people in need

Dear Editor:

A few weeks ago I wrote to tell everyone about the thrift store moving to 53 Allen St. I asked the good citizens of Barnwell County to clean their homes and closets and send those things to the thrift store to be used by someone else. You know the saying, "someone's trash is another one's treasure." The response has been wonderful. Those who had, gave; those who needed, received. Thank you.

Please keep giving furniture because as soon as it comes in, it goes out to those in need.


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