Foster kittens

Some of the kittens that need fostering at the Barnwell County Animal Shelter. 

With more than two million cats entering America’s shelters in 2021, and most of them either dying or being euthanized, there is one thing that you can do right now, even if it’s just for two weeks. You can be part of the solution to help save shelter kittens.

Fostering kittens keeps them out of shelters that lack the resources and staff to save them. The Barnwell County Animal Shelter currently has 10 weaned six-week-old motherless kittens. They also have five nursing mothers and their kittens. Pregnant females are brought into the shelter regularly. All of these are especially vulnerable in the shelter environment to sickness and failure to thrive, usually resulting in death.

These kittens need you to foster them and the Barnwell County Animal Shelter will support you along the way with their guidance and their “Kitten Kit” that includes all the necessary food, supplies, and information you need.

Kitten fostering is the easiest fostering to do, so this is a great opportunity for you to give fostering a try if you have been wanting to make a difference for homeless pets. The kittens you foster will bring joy into your life. They will make you laugh every day with their antics. They are great therapy! One study found that cat owners are 40 percent less likely to die of a heart attack, possibly because interacting with cats reduces anxiety and stress.

Some people are afraid they will fall in love with their foster kittens and will worry about letting them go, but people who have fostered say it’s okay to fall in love because it is so rewarding to know you are giving these little babies a chance and changing their whole world for the better. That perceived fear of parting with foster kittens pales in comparison to the reward of successfully sending them on their way to their next big adventure ready to thrive.

Please don’t wait. Visit the shelter at 55 Diamond Road in Barnwell (259-1656) or call Laura Buice at (803) 300-2032 to start saving these precious lives.

Just two weeks is all we are asking. Please. You will be so glad you did.