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Per my article from last week, I have been rereading "The Lord of the Rings". A story filled with swords, magic, and my favorite fantasy ingredient of all time: elves.

Mind you, these are not Santa Claus’s elves. I’m not talking about diminutive little men who go around making toys or Keebler elves that live under the roots of trees baking cookies. No, the elves I love are quite different. The elves I love stem from the roots of Norse and Celtic mythology and permeate fantasy literature and RPG games. They are tall and beautiful. Magical and fierce. They possess a love of nature and knowledge, as well as skill with blade and sorcery. The elves that I love to read and write about are forces to be reckoned with.

Though many authors have included fay folk in their works of fiction, none have done it as effectively as Tolkien. He built a whole world around elves. He gave to the elves of Middle-Earth a culture, a history, a language. He split them into different groups, gave them lineages and dynasties. He also gave them life through story upon story; no one has ever written about elves like Tolkien has. Thereby, he has also inspired me to write about the fae.

Since I first started writing, I have tried my hand several times at crafting elves into my stories. I have not been deterred from them being done to death. After all, vampires and wizards have been exhausted ten times over, but people still write about them. One of my book projects (I have several) is chock full of elves. My world has light elves, with fair skin and light hair, dark elves with charcoal gray skin and white hair, and wild elves who have horns and antlers. They are magical and ethereal, and very different from the rest of the peoples that populate my world.

So, why do I love elves? Well, why does someone love vampires? Or dragons? The answer is because they exude beauty, and for me, they represent a high standard of existence. Elves are gods and goddesses that walk among humans in legends; bright reflections of what we could be. They represent everything that is good in this world—nature, art, music, beauty, magic.

What’s not to love about them?

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