WE tennis champs

The Williston-Elko High School tennis team are region champs.

“With a 7-7 season, I look at it with balance. The team has worked hard and challenged themselves to play teams outside our area with the addition of Hannah-Pamplico and Chapin to our schedule. We find ourselves realizing Williston-Elko can compete with any school,” said Coach Bernard Walters.

Games are competitive, which is why it’s important to be disciplined in shot making and consistency. Coach Walters said Davion, Grant, and Curtis lead by example.

Though he’s proud of his team for winning the region, Coach Walters said it is a secondary goal. “W-E keep the state championship in front because all things are possible to those who believe,” he said, citing Mark 9:23.

He said the team’s strength is taking the young ones and putting them in positions to win by encouragement and working on strokes on their own time.

“It is easy to coach when students buy in and add their own twist or nuance to the tennis because it is a beautiful work of art and science,” he said.

The team looks forward to challenging St. Josephs High School again and, if God allows, the next opponent, then on to the state championship.