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Letter: Infrastructure at Lake Brown warrants concern, welcomes advancements


Barnwell, let's work to fix the crumbling infrastructure, at our cherished Lake Edgar Brown walking trail.

When it was dedicated to our community, back on July 1, 1964, I'm sure the founders did not envision a day, like so many recent days, when several light posts would be left broken on the ground or in great disrepair, or that the trail itself would remain broken up, washed out, or heavily coated, with the excrement of various animals.

Although it should have never gotten to nor been left in such present conditions, I do see hope on the horizon, in the form of over $40,000 in fee funds, to be repurposed for initiatives at Lake Edgar Brown.

As ppeviously reported, by Alexandra Whitbeck, reporter for The People-Sentinel:

"Numerous initiatives got started at the February 13, 2024 Barnwell County Council meeting.

Chairman Jerry Creech recommended the county contact the appropriate state entity to request nearly $2 million be repurposed for advancements at Lake Edgar Brown.

Chairman Creech also recommended $200,000 reserved for water recreation at Steel Creek Boat Landing and $43,000 in fee funds be repurposed for initiatives at Lake Brown.

This recommendation was approved by the council, allowing county staff to pursue funding restructuring."

Allen Paul Searson,