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Letter to the Editor: Tim Moore was a leader with a vision for improving community


Dear Editor,

I was saddened to learn of the death of local attorney Tim Moore. He was a great man, a leader of the community, and had a great vision for improving our county.

He was a rarity in that he was a leader with whom I can almost agree with about everything. He once posted online, “Jennings, I agree with you about everything except your mother.” As I could not possibly say anything insulting to such a great man, the best, if somewhat playful, response I could muster was, “Well, you are obviously right since you know her so much better than I do.”

One thing that really impressed me about Tim was that he had his son Ritchie take private language instruction from and I occasionally saw him at the home of one of our polylingual goddesses Stella Tongour. Of course, I just assumed we was taking lessons in French as was I. Only in the last year or so, did I learn that he was studying Russian! Stella Tongour would have certainly been qualified to teach Russian, but I was slightly surprised. The general feelings of Americans in the early 1980’s was not overly friendly towards Russia, but I suspect Tim and Miss Scottie saw some advantage in the less than typical foreign language. The perceived advantages of knowing Russian may have waned after the fall of the Berlin Wall, but I suspect it has returned.

I can’t say that I actually knew Tim as well as I would have liked, but he was always there on the outer periphery of those people whom I knew best. His father’s first cousin married my father’s first cousin, and his aunt was one of my most beloved neighbors when I was growing up.

I suspect that accolade I could bestow on him that he would most liked was, “He was a good Democrat.”

Jennings Rountree,