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Blackville man receives maximum sentence for criminal sexual conduct with a minor


The deputy solicitor asked the judge to sentence Sidney Davis, 39, of Blackville, to 15 years in prison – the maximum penalty for criminal sexual conduct with a minor, third degree.

Davis pleaded guilty to this charge on March 11, 2024 in the Barnwell County Courthouse before presiding Judge Kristi Curtis.

Davis was initially charged with criminal sexual conduct with a minor in the second degree, but with a guilty plea came a negotiated lesser charge, and two other charges (criminal sexual conduct with a minor, second degree, and disseminating obscene material) relating to a separate victim being dismissed.

“I do think you’re getting a pretty good deal here sir, with it being lowered from second degree to third degree, and I think you’re also getting the benefit of these other charges being dismissed, which is why I am giving you 15 years,” said Judge Curtis.

Davis was first arrested in relation to this charge on August 16, 2019 and later granted bond which was posted on January 17, 2020.

A week before Davis’ arrest, the minor victim and her mother went to the Blackville Police Department (BPD) and reported that the victim’s biological father (Davis) “had been making her perform sexual acts since she was 10 years old,” said deputy solicitor Leigh Staggs.

The victim was 14 at the time of disclosing this information to police.

Staggs explained the victim would go visit her father at his Myrtle Beach residence when she was 10 years old and he would make her watch pornography. According to the deputy solicitor, Davis would request his daughter mirror the behavior of the women on the television with him such as performing oral sex.

During this period, Davis disclosed to the victim’s cousin that he would engage in sexual acts with his daughter, according to the presented facts of the case.

Davis later moved to Blackville and the assault continued.

The most recent incident occurred at Hampton Apartments in Blackville, where the victim told law enforcement “he showed her pornographic videos and made her engage in sex acts with him,” said Staggs.

Staggs then explained what prevailed as “one of the most powerful facts in this case for me, other than the sheer abuse of power and trust in a familial relationship.”

Staggs explained the victim chose to have sex with a boy her own age and it was not well received by her mother due to her age. However, Staggs said “what the victim told her mom was that she lost her virginity because she did not want her dad to take it.”

“I found that to be one of the most profound things that I have heard in a criminal setting,” said Staggs.

The victim, who was present in the courtroom, gave Staggs a letter to read for the record.

“You made me believe that I could trust you as my father, I would have thought that you would’ve protected me from sick individuals in the world, but you’re a sick individual yourself,” read Staggs. “It takes a really sick person to do what you did to me, and I can never forgive you because I didn’t deserve any of it.”

The letter expressed how difficult some days have been for the victim and how she wanted to give up, but remained strong for herself regardless.

“I hate you. I hate that you did this to me. I’m strong now, nothing can break me. I feel like I’ve already been hurt the worst way possible, yet I do not let this situation define me,” Staggs read. “I would like to publicly thank God for getting me through these tough days in my life and I pray that I can finally heal.”

In the final lines of the letter, Staggs read, “people like you don’t change, their victims do.”

Judge Curtis commended the victim for her courage, bravery, and perseverance throughout the entire court process she describes as an “emotional rollercoaster for the family.”

“I commend you so much for the courage to come forward and for making it this far with all the different court appearances,” said Judge Curtis. “You did it, you made it through this.”

“I know that it is not over with after today for you though, but I hope that at least this is one more thing, one more obstacle, that you have made it through,” said the judge.

A conviction of criminal sexual conduct with a minor in the third degree is classified as a sexually violent and most serious offense, and counts as two strikes per the state’s three-strike law.

Davis will serve 15 years at the S.C. Department of Corrections. Upon release, he will be required to register for the state sex offender registry, cannot have contact with the victim, and requires active electronic monitoring for a designated time period.

Davis will receive credit for the 154 days he has already served either incarcerated, on house arrest, or wearing an ankle monitor prior to this conviction.