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Blackville, Williston schools receive over $27,000 through SRPFCU affinity card program


A partnership with a local credit union has paid off for the Barnwell County Consolidated School District (BCCSD).

The BCCSD, along with other local school districts, participate in the SRP Federal Credit Union’s (SRPFCU) High School Affinity Debit Card Program.

“The SRP High School Affinity Debit Card Program was designed to help provide funding to our local high schools. If you choose a high school that is part of the program and use that High School Affinity Debit Card, every time you make a purchase using it, SRP donates money to that particular school. Schools can then use these funds to purchase books, equipment, materials, fund school programs, or whatever the school may need. The school decides where the funds are used,” said Patti McGrath, a marketing specialist with SRPFCU.

In March, SRPFCU CEO Eric Jenkins presented checks for the 2023 Affinity Debit Card Program earnings for Blackville-Hilda High School (BHHS), Williston-Elko High School (WEHS), and the district as a whole. The BCCSD received $27,444.45, including $11,933.45 to BHHS and $15,511 to WEHS.

“The SRPFCU affinity card partnership has been very beneficial for our school. The funds from the partnership have been used for various student and teacher incentives, and to pay for other wants and needs that may fall outside of the regular funding paid from local, state, and federal sources,” said WEHS Principal Tony Flowers.

BHHS Principal Christina Snider said the program has also been beneficial for her school by allowing them the funds to purchase needed supplies and equipment for students and teachers. This includes incentives.

“We are very grateful that our school community has supported the SRPFCU Affinity Card Program and we are a beneficiary of these funds,” said Snider.

Flowers and Snider, along with BCCSD interim superintendent David Corder, thank SRPFCU for the continued partnership, as well as the support of the community members who use their Affinity cards.

Barnwell High School, the Barnwell County Career Center, Jefferson Davis Academy, and Allendale-Fairfax High School also participate in the program. Their funds will be presented separately since they are not part of the BCCSD.

Affinity cards are only available to members of SRPFCU. Switch your current card by sending a secure message through SRP Online, calling 803-278-4851, or visiting your local branch, including the ones in Barnwell and Williston.

Learn more about the affinity cards at