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Meet the 2024 State Champions

The JDA Raiders Softball Team have won the 2024 State Championship.



Kinslie Carson
Kinslie Carson

Kinslie Carson
Grade: 9th
Position: Left field
Other JDA sports: Volleyball
Hometown: Branchville, SC
Parents: Eddie and Angelia Carson
Favorite Championship memory: The team
celebration at the end.
Favorite non-championship memory:
Being with my friends.
Favorite thing to do outside of sports:
Hang out with friends and family.

Gylian Sady Googe
Gylian Sady Googe

Gylian Sady Googe
Grade: 12th
Position: Third base
Other JDA sports: Volleyball, Shotgun
Raiders, Basketball
Hometown: Barnwell
Parents: Luther and Kathy Googe
Favorite Championship memory: When
the last out was made, and we all started
screaming and running to each other. It was
awesome to win my senior year.
Favorite non-championship memory: At my
last Shotgun Raider shoot awards ceremony,
I was talking to my mom about my shooting
coach, Coach Brad All that passed away.
We were laughing and talking about the
things we would do when we went on our
shoots. I told my mom he always promised
he would be at my last shoot. She said
always remember him telling you he would
be there. I started feeling rain drops. I asked
my mom if she was getting rained on. She
said no, the sun is shining. We looked up,
and there was not a cloud in the sky. I told
her that was weird that I was the only one
getting rain drops on me. She just smiled.
I thought she was crazy. Then I heard my
name, and I won a $1,000 scholarship. She
asked me later if I ever figured out why I
was the only one getting rain drops on me.
I told her that was crazy. She told me she
thought it was Brad telling me he was there
with me. I smiled, and said he would have
done that to me. I love you forever, Coach
Favorite thing to do outside of sports:
eating, sleeping, hanging out with family
and friends.
Plans for next year: Go to OC Tech for the
Radiology program.

Abby Deering
Abby Deering

Abby Deering
Grade: 9th
Position: First Base, outfield
Other JDA sports: Volleyball, basketball
Hometown: Williston
Parents: Andy and Carla Deering
Favorite Championship memory: Getting to
experience this with a great group of girls.
Favorite non-championship memory:
Volleyball season.
Favorite thing to do outside of sports: Spend
time In Edisto and ride my four-wheeler.
Plans for next year: To win another state
championship in a sport.

Kaylee Jackson
Kaylee Jackson

Kaylee Jackson
Grade: 11th
Position: Shortstop
Other JDA sports played: Volleyball
Hometown: Barnwell
Parents: Adam and Lori Jackson
Favorite Championship memory: When
every player went to the pitcher’s mound
and celebrated.
Favorite non-championship game memory:
Making it to the playoffs and staying in the
winner’s bracket.
Plans for next year: Win State again!
Favorite things to do outside of sports:
Hanging out with friends and
going shopping.

Rynn Fickling
Rynn Fickling

Rynn Fickling
Grade: 10th
Positions: First base and pitcher
Other JDA sports: Cheer, basketball, and
Hometown: Blackville, SC
Parents: Tal and Sally Fickling
Favorite championship memory: The dogpile
after we won.
Favorite non-championship memory: Going
to Sumter for the State Tournament.
Plans for next year: Make a good run in
the volleyball tournament, be half decent at
basketball, and win State again in softball
Favorite thing to do outside of sports: sleep,
hang out with friends, and tanning.

Carrie Lynn Loadholt
Carrie Lynn Loadholt

Carrie Lynn Loadholt
Grade: 11th
Position: Centerfield.
Other JDA Sports: Volleyball and Cheer
Hometown: Fairfax
Parents: Marc and Brandy Loadholt
Favorite memory: Catching the last out in
the State Championship win.
Favorite non-championship memory:
Breaking my bat in half during the first game
of season.
Plans for next year: Win state again!
Favorite things to do outside of sports:
Reading and gardening.

Elie Fogle
Elie Fogle

Elie Grace Fogle
Grade: 11th
Position: Right field/DH
Other JDA sports: Volleyball
Hometown: Blackville
Parents: Rusty and Tavia Fogle
Favorite Championship memory: Dumping
water bottles on coach Bart after the game.
Favorite non-championship memory: Doing
a slip’n’slide on the softball field to learn
how to slide into bases.
Favorite thing to do outside of sports:
Pageants, shop, go to the beach.

Jamilyn Mock
Jamilyn Mock

Jamilynn Mock
Grade: 10th
Positions: Catcher, First Base, Third Base
Other JDA Sports Played: Volleyball
Hometown: Barnwell
Parents: Josh and Elizabeth Mock, Matt
and Jennifer Davis
Favorite Championship memory:
Celebrating at the end of the game
Favorite non-championship game memory:
Playing the catcher position for the first
Plans for next year: Make all A’s for my
High school classes and College classes
next year.
Favorite things to do outside of sports: I
love to fish at Lake Murray.

Esmeralda Montejano
Esmeralda Montejano

Esmeralda Montejano
Grade: 9th
Position: Centerfield
Other JDA sports: Basketball
and Volleyball
Hometown: Hilda
Parents: Amelia and Jose Montejano
Favorite Championship memory: When I
slid into home plate to score, but collided
with the opposing catcher and got the wind
knocked out of me, and making Coach Bart
cry when we won the Championship.
Favorite non-championship memory:
Watching our JDA football team win a State
Championship against Holly Hill.
Favorite thing to do outside of sports:
Eating, sleeping, and hanging out with
my friends and family.
Plans for next year: Continue playing
basketball and softball and to excel
in academics.

Sydney Owens
Sydney Owens

Sydney Owens
Grade: 11th
Position: Second base
Other sports played: Volleyball, basketball,
football water girl
Hometown: Barnwell
Parents: Bart and Stacy Owens
Favorite Championship memory: Winning
the game with all my family in attendance.
Favorite non-championship game memory:
Cheering in the dugout and Mrs. Carla
wearing her Boss Hogg outfit to all our
Championship games.
Plans for next year: Win the Championship
Favorite things to do outside of sports:
Sleep and eat.


Bart Owens
Bart Owens

Bart Owens, Head Coach 

Coach Owens has led softball teams for
10 years and volleyball teams for 17 years.
Owens is a Barnwell High School graduate.
He is married to Stacy Owens and the
couple have five kids; Jessica (married to
Arron Stack), Morgan, Hunter, Paisley, and
Sydney. He has two grandchildren; Sophia
Stack and Easton Owens.
Favorite championship memory: “The ice
water bath from my players. I have not done
this in a long time so it was worth the wait.
Also winning State in football.”

Brittany Livingston
Brittany Livingston

Brittany Livingston, Assistant Coach

Coach Livingston served as the assistant
softball coach for her alma matter, North
High School, in 2007 and 2008. While a
student at North High School, she played
volleyball and softball where she was
All-Region and All-State for both sports.
Livingston also played in the SCHSL
All-Star games for softball and volleyball
in 2001-2002. She is married to Kelly
Livingston with a daughter, Kaylee, who
graduated from JDA in 2023 having played
both softball and volleyball, and a son,
Bryson, who plays football, baseball,
and shoots for the JDA Shotgun Raiders.
Livingston’s parents are Don and
Becky Hutto.
Favorite championship memory: Watching
the girls get in a groove and come alive to
hit the ball scoring 55 runs in five games was
impressive. Definitely a lasting memory. I
also enjoyed calling pitches for Reagan.”
Favorite non-championship memory:
“Seeing all the girls enjoying a game I love
so much and playing their best softball, and
forming life-long relationships with the
team. I was grateful and thankful for the
opportunity to help.”

Anna Beth Randall
Anna Beth Randall

Anna Beth Randall, Assistant Coach

This is Coach Randall’s second year
assisting in coaching JDA softball. She is
a Raider alumni having played volleyball,
basketball, skeet shooting, and softball
before graduating in 2018. Coach Randall
played college softball at USC Salkehatchie
in 2019 and 2020, and also played for a
semester at USC Aiken. Her parents are
Lloyd and Dawn Morgan, and she is from
Favorite championship memory: “Seeing
the girls being over the top excited and
just living in the moment when the final
out occurred to win the game. It made me
happy knowing that they can cherish that
moment for the rest of their lives.”
Favorite non-championship memory:
“Watching the girls never give up in every
game they played and putting in the effort
to make the easiest or hardest plays. Even
just watching them lift each other up if they
make an error or strike out.”

Kelvin Phillips
Kelvin Phillips

Kelvin Phillips, Assistant Coach

Coach Phillips has coached all across
the athletic department at JDA. He has
coached varsity softball for six years, JV
softball for four years, JV girls basketball
for three years, and varsity girls basketball
for one year. He also coached in the Dixie
Softball Recreational League (8u, 10u, &
12u). Coach Phillips is a 1986 JDA graduate
where he played football, basketball, and
baseball. After graduating from JDA, he
played college football at Presbyterian
College. He currently lives in Neeses. He
is married to his wife, Vicki, and has two
children, Kiersten and Kolby.
Favorite championship memory: “Getting
the girls ‘loosened up’ by putting ‘Tiger’
in the dugout at the championship game in
Favorite non-championship memory:
Laughing at Ted (the ump) about the 20
second pitch rule.”