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Letter: Scottie Moore thankful for support after husband's death


Dear Community,

I would like to thank everyone who sent such comforting messages on Facebook about the loss of my husband (Tim Moore). I assure you that I read every single one of them, and they spoke to me in such a personal way.

My husband was my “rock” and I miss him so much already. He always encouraged me to be strong, and I am trying hard. He was such a caring, kind, intelligent, Christian man who loved his family, community, church, and country. He took care of so many and especially me. He supported all of my many careers and “projects”. He helped with baton contests, camps, school trips, etc., and I could not have managed without him. He was always by my side. Just like the football coach that he was, he encouraged me to go the “extra mile”. He helped me achieve so much more than I would have without him.

The outpouring of love this week has been overwhelming. I have heard from friends from all over the country. I know what Don Sartell always said about baton twirling being family. I firmly believe that. Our sport bonds so many people together for the love of the sport. We need to keep our twirling family together and strong. Thank you for all your messages. And my former students from school and baton who have come by and sent messages have been so comforting. Those that came to the visitation and gave me those much-needed hugs were just the best. I will always feel your loving arms around me.

My husband was a “giant” of a man and wore many hats. Of course all of you knew he actually did wear many real hats and that was part of who he was. Some people called him “a bulldog with a teddy bear heart”. I could go on forever but those who knew him knew his big heart and the love he gave so many.

I know he is in heaven cringing because he can’t proofread this message. He was the world’s best proofreader and could ALWAYS find a mistake.

I know for sure where he is now, and my faith, family, and friends will keep me strong. There are no words that are adequate right now so just know how much each of you mean to me.

With love,

Scottie Moore,