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Letter to the Editor: Vaughn Mazursky was a fascinating character


Dear Editor,

Occasionally, someone will die whom I always wish I had met. Vaughn Mazursky was one such person who comes to mind.

I know she presented some program I missed at the Barnwell Museum, and she came from a most interesting family. Her father was a rare example of a man from other than the extended Lemon family being a good mayor of Barnwell. Her mother was idolized by a good percentage of her students, and her affable and loveable brother was a friend to all who know him.

When I lived in Charleston, a surprising number of people asked me, “Do you know Vaughn Mazursky?” when they found out I was from Barnwell. I heard many fond accounts of her making the students at Porter Gaud call her “Czarina.” When I visited her brother Barney in the hospital in Charleston, I brought him an icon of St. Alexandra, the last Czarina, and told him, “Give this to your sister, the Czarina.’

Vaughn Mazursky must have been a fascinating character.

Jennings Rountree,