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LTTE: Barnwell County helpline needs your help, donations


Dear Editor,

It’s that time of year once again, for Barnwell County Helpline in partnership with the United Way to start the annual coat and blanket drive. As always, I want to make sure the information and history of the Helpline is known to all.

In 1980 there was a need for Barnwell County citizens to get resources that are on a one-time basis for needs to cover things that are not covered by our sister agencies. The current board members are John Young, Nellie Rosier, Ada Chappel, Brenda McLamore, Dawn Owens and Cheryl Azouri Long. The Helpline was created to assist members of our community in need. Over the years the Helpline got things going and worked to get these services needed in our area. It started with a 24-hour crisis line, then a clothes closet. The phone crisis line is now handled by 211. The clothes closet is handled by the thrift stores, the schools, and the churches. For many years there was a need for food banks in our community, so the Helpline started a food bank. Now that is handled by many churches, soup kitchens and Barnwell County Healing Partners.

We have always worked to assist clients referred from Office on Aging (GU), Mental Health, Domestic Violence/ Sexual Assault, Alcohol and Drug, Social Services, United Way, Lions Club, fire departments, all of our many churches, and other referral sources. Barnwell County Helpline is here and has been to help anyone in our county referred by other county programs. The helpline gets funding from the Allendale-Barnwell-Bamberg United Way and individuals such as you. The money is used on a one-time basis to help with an emergency immediate crisis. The referring agency makes the request, documents and supports their needs before requesting from us. Our help for their client sometimes is money needed for an electric bill, to get things started or keep things going in a crisis time. Other times it is for gas to get to an out of county doctor or help clients from one of our referring agencies get to a treatment facility for a higher level of care not offered in our community. Sometimes it is to get a person and their children or their children to a safe place, when domestic violence and sexual assault is involved.

It is not always money that I ask for; I ask for other things such as coats, blankets, baby things, food, or furniture. Anything that you have touched in the past 24 hours someone else may need in a crisis. Remember everyone may not have all that you have. Today I’m asking for coats and blankets that you may have in your closet, and you no longer need or need. It is getting cold outside and someone else may need what you are not using. Think about what if it were you or your children or grandchildren that needed something to keep them warm. What are the things you would be needing? If it were me, I would need things like warm coats, sweaters, extra blankets on the bed or turn up the heat. We may have all these things at our fingertips but some in our community may not as I always say it is only by the grace of God that it is not me or you with this need today. The Barnwell County Helpline is requesting your help with our annual coat and blanket drive. Please drop your items off at the new Axis I building (179 Fuldner Road, Barnwell). From there things are given to the client from the referring agencies that I mentioned above. All items not needed for their clients will be given to each of the communities. Everything will stay right here in Barnwell County. Please take the time to feel your many blessings. We each get them daily, some big, some not so big. The gift of being able to hear and see when we get up each morning is more than some people have when they wake up in the morning. I do not take gifts from God for granted. Pass it forward and keep giving to keep good things going. Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, Happy Hanukkah and Happy Kwanzaa. However you celebrate just please, please, please help us help others that need our help.

Until next time.


Cheryl Azouri Long