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LTTE: Consolidation effects communities


To the community of Barnwell School District 45,

It is unfortunate that the citizens of Barnwell District 45 have not had an opportunity to have a voice regarding countywide consolidation. Our legislators held a joint town hall meeting for Blackville and Williston that was advertised for a K-8 school that ended up being a discussion for consolidation, but they have bypassed Barnwell.

Consolidation is not just a school issue; it affects entire communities. Consolidation plays a role in our economy, to include how we are taxed. The people of Barnwell should have a say in this decision. Our legislators should not introduce a bill to consolidate District 45 without input from the people they represent.

Senator Hutto and Representative Hosey should do the will of the people and seek input from their constituents. After all, that’s why they were elected in the first place.

If you want your voice heard you can reach them at: or phone his office at 803-212-6140 or phone his office at 803-734-2829


Becky Wier Huggins,

Barnwell District 45 Parent, Barnwell Citizen, and Barnwell District 45 School Board Member